Gatos, ilustración y muchas monerías más!

Un momento de…

Hoy es un día bastante gris no solo por la lluvia y lo nublado, sino que particularmente no me siento muy bien.

Necesito distraerme un poco, así que solamente escribiré un par de líneas… una canción que significa mucho para mi.



The forest of souls

Between coloured trees she did wander alone
and felt the cold rain from above.
Again it was autumn, again she was sad
and dreamed about shelter and love.
She heard the crows croaking, listened to their cries,
the lovely sweet melancholy.
She smiled at the cold breeze that played in her hair
and so she passed by silently

As if she had followed a voice in her soul,
she entered the heart of the wood.
She rose her face slowly and looked at the might,
that surrounded the clearing where she stood.
She opened her mouth, but no word would come out;
her words were the tears in her eye.
Beholding such beauty, how worthless she felt,
oh, even too worthless to cry
..oh, to cry…
And just like a vision, a small ray of light
in front of her face did appear.
Then she heard the footsteps, and through tear-filled eyes
she saw a young man coming near.
The crows croaked above him, the sweet drops of rain
like jewels lay in his dark hair
that blew in the wind, that stroke his white cheek
and his noble face pale and fair
…pale and fair…

“I greet thee, fair maiden.”, he said, and she knew
that she had heard his voice before.
The road to the clearing, the heart of the wood,
his warm voice had shown her the door.
It had been the calling deep inside her soul
and her soulmate was now by her side.
“My true love”, he said, “let this wood be thy home.”
…and there she did stay as his bride
…as his bride…





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